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“SPARK has some of the most phenomenal, down to earth entrepreneurs and big thinkers. It sparks a blazing fire in you to find your passion and work at it and I'm so grateful to be a part of this program!”

Kisalka de Silva


What I’ve Learnt From Failing

Join us for a panel event where we discuss truths about founder well-being, how Australia rates, what we're doing now and how we can improve with insights from founders' into their personal story of wellness in startups.

Panelist include:

  • Dave Chung, CEO and Co-founder at Limbr

  • Jodie Imam, General Manager at SBE Australia

  • Tanya Dontas, Head of Operations and Co-founder at Vollie


2nd May, 6 pm onwards

Deakin Downtown

How I got the best job in the World

Come along and hear Saba Karim’s story of how he went from stocking shelves to working at the world’s biggest seed startup accelerator, investing in the future of technology and startups. During the talk you’ll learn about the key ingredients to have a successful career or startup. 


Wed, 8 May, 6.40 pm onwards

Deakin Downtown

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