Empowering entrepreneurs at Deakin University


...mentoring is the only proven form of time travel you can really access. During a catch-up over coffee with your mentor, you can learn one piece of wisdom that may have taken that person 20 years to discover
— Daniel Flynn, Co-Founder of ThankYou

Envision your future with a SPARK Deakin mentor

Want to talk about a startup idea you've been mulling over? Need some advice on your next steps? Book in a time to meet with one of the experienced team members at SPARK today. Our industry-expert mentors are here to help you get clear on your goals and pathway for your future entrepreneurship.

Our mentoring sessions are free and available exclusively for Deakin students, staff and alumni (open to the public during Global Entrepreneurship Week. Use this link for GEW)

What can a SPARK Deakin mentor help with?

We exist to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs, and our team of dedicated mentors are here to offer you guidance and expert knowledge from their own experience in the startup ecosystem. They can help you define the next steps you need to bring your startup idea to reality, or if you have already launched your startup, our mentors can help you with tips for success.

How it works

1. Getting started
The first step is submitting an application through the form linked on this site. Once you’ve submitted your application, a friendly SPARK Deakin team member will get in touch with you to arrange a time with you and one of our dedicated mentors.

2. Before meeting your mentor
Our mentors are industry professionals who have generously volunteered their time to support the SPARK Deakin community. To respect their time and commitment, we recommend you come prepared for your session. You can prepare for your meeting by thinking more thoroughly about your goals (what you want to get out of your session) and writing out questions you might want to ask your mentor.

3. Meeting your mentor
Arrive 5 mins early, dress smart, and be energised. Our mentors have committed to dedicating their time for you and always have your best interest at heart, so come prepared and with an open mind.

It is required that mentees arrive at least 5 minutes prior to their session time. Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours before your scheduled time. Any cancellations made less than 24 hours before the scheduled time without a reasonable cause will result in your ineligibility to book any future mentoring sessions with SPARK.

4. Expectations
In our mentoring sessions, we observe the Chatham House Rule. This means that what you will be able to share and discuss freely with your mentor and what you say not be attributed to you outside of the discussion. Vice versa, if your mentor shares something from their own professional experience that might be sensitive in nature, you shall not attribute this information to your mentor outside of the meeting (read more about Chatham House Rule). Any sensitive information you share will also remain confidential between you and your mentor.

We encourage you to take the initiative to ask questions, and be proactive in maintaining a positive relationship with your mentor. You never know what doors they might help open for you after the meeting. If you have asked for advice, don’t be afraid to write an e-mail to your mentor about the outcomes you might have achieved from the meeting after a period of time.